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    The Bayreuth Spring Festival has numerous activities in store. Be blown away by the surprise envelope sale! The Bayreuth Spring Festival kicks off with a firecracker shot for the envelope sale and the traditional beer tapping in the marquee! Spectacular

  • Off we go on a crash course! A bumper car is probably THE answer to the question: which ride do you associate with a folk festival? Because when you ride a bumper car, you can really let off steam and crash everyone. Whether the Highway No. 1, the Super

  • Expect the unexpected! Wobbly bridges, rollers, slides and even human washers can be found in these walk-throughs. And whether you like a mirror palace better than an action house or a horror maze is decided on the spot by buying a ticket for the

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    From 28 April to 7 May 2023, the Remscheid Rifle Association invites you to the May Fair on the Schützenplatz at the Stadtpark. Many ride highlights, game booths, but also catering establishments are ready for the visitors. As a special highlight, the

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    From 08.04.23 to 23.04.23 there is an Easter fair in Wuppertal. On Carnaper Platz in Wuppertal-Barmen, the showmen put on a colourful programme for the guests. Whether you want to go round and round in Break Dance or Blue Power Polyp, high in Sun Wheel,