Sweden (SE)

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    Who does not know her? Pippi Longstocking, Michel from Lönneberga, Lotta, Madita, Karlsson on the roof ...

    Here you can immerse yourself in the world of Astrid Lindgren and discover a lot.

    There is also the original scene of Lotta from Noise Maker Street!

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    An amusement park with a zoo and swimming pool.

    The entire range of leisure activities is aimed at families, but also has beautiful roller coasters.

    With "Rocket" there is a classic from the manufacturer "Schwarzkopf" and since 2017 a Vekoma Family

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    In the Swedish mountains you can try different outdoor activities and also ride an alpine coaster. In winter you can also go skiing here. There are also hotels on site. In summer you can also go hiking.

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    Kolmården Djurpark

    Experience one of the most beautiful adventures in Scandinavia! With an area of 150 hectares and more than 1 million visitors per season, Kolmården is one of the largest and most attractive visitor destinations in Northern Europe.

    The adventure park is

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    In Gothenburg the large Liseberg amusement park awaits its visitors.

    A variety of roller coasters and attractions for all ages are offered here.

    The wooden roller coaster "Balder" and, since 2014, "HELIX", a launch roller from Mack, are waiting for the

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    An amusement park with a zoo and a large leisure pool. There is also a Dinoland in the amusement park.

    The rides are mainly aimed at families with children.

    The theme park is only open when the park is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Otherwise only the zoo is

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    An amusement park with an attached zoo invites young visitors and families. There are rides only for the smaller clientele, such as a family rollercoaster, bumper cars, Samba Tower and a few other small attractions.

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    Skara Sommarland

    Skara Sommarland is not just the name of an amusement park.

    NO! There is also a huge aqua park with many different water slides.

    With "Tranan" you fly around like a bird and with the "Gruvbanan" you go into the old tunnels.

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    On Stockholm's local mountain, a Sunkid mountain coaster has been waiting for you in the middle of a city since 2022. There is also a climbing park and much more. The park Gröna Lund is also not far away. In winter you can also ski here.

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    The zoo in Slottsskogen is one of the oldest in Sweden. It is open all year round and admission is free.

    With a focus on tame and wild Nordic animals, Slottsskogen aims to bring children and adults closer to the animal life around us. Here you can see

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    Tivoli Gröna Lund

    Tivoli Gröna Lund is Sweden's oldest amusement park and is located in the middle of Stockholm right on the water. A interesting amusement park has been built on a relatively small area with many attractions. Visit "Insane", a roller coaster where the

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    Tomelilla is located around 70 kilometres east of Malmö. Until the closure of the railway lines in the 1960s and 1970s, the town was an important railway junction with connections in five directions and grew to around 6,000 inhabitants over the years. 5