Amusement and Theme Parks

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    In Mexico's capital, Mexico City, or rather in the district of Iztapalapa, you will find the amusement park ¡Kataplum! which opened in November 2018. The special feature of this amusement park is certainly its location, because you will find ¡Kataplum!

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    Adventure City

    4 kilometres south of Knott's Berry Farm and also less than 8 kilometres from Disneyland Anaheim, you will find a small, up-and-coming amusement park in the United States of America that has so far been overshadowed by the big parks. Despite the strong

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    Adventure Island

    Whether families with children, teenagers or adrenaline junkies, everyone will find their attraction here.

    The park also offers a wide range of roller coasters, from the Gerstlauer Euro Fighter to the children's roller coaster.

    The construction is more

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    Adventure World

    In the west of Australia in the metropolis of Perth near Bibra Lake is the Adventure Park. In 1982 the park was opened under the name "Adventureworld at Bibra Lakes". The park has not only a theme park area, but like so many other parks also a large

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    The park has existed since 1974 and has belonged to Parques Reunidos since 2021. This group also owns Movie Park, Belantis and many other parks. A total of 19 parks now belong to this group. The park is located in Altoona in Iowa. It is located about 11

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    In the US state of New York, more precisely in East Farmingdale on Route 110, you will find Adventureland Amusement Park, which opened in 1962. In addition to roller coasters and water slides, you will also find many attractions and rides for children

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    About 10 kilometres northwest of the Greek capital Athens lies the suburb of Marousi in the north of Attica. Conveniently located on a small area is the Luna Park Aidonakia. Luna Parks are known for often being open late into the night. Under the name

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    Aktur Park

    In the heart of Antalya, one of Turkey's most famous coastal cities, less than a kilometre from the coast, is the Aktur Park amusement park. The park started in 1991 at a different location before moving to its current site in 1997. Opposite a large

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    Alanya Lunapark

    The Alanya Lunapark has been located on the north-western outskirts of Alanya, directly on the D4000 motorway, since 1989. The small amusement park offers various rides for the park's young and old guests. Open all year round, you can take a spin on the

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    Allou! Fun Park

    The allou! Fun Park is located in the middle of the Greek capital Athens and is approx. 4 km from Athens' most famous landmark, the Acropolis and the port of Piraeus with approx. 6 km.

    The largest amusement park in Greece has existed since 2002 and

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    Alton Towers

    Wild roller coasters, eventful days and a large theme park that the whole family can experience and enjoy.

    Experience the world's first 14 inversions roller coaster "The Smiler" or plunge into the depths with Oblivion.

    Children have their own theme area in

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    Families with children up to 12 years of age will love the small amusement park on the German-Dutch border!

    Several attractions like a train ride, a family roller coaster, boat ride and much more offer plenty of variety.

    The main restaurant also takes care

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    Ange Michel

    Whether thrills with freefall, cooling off in the water slide world or relaxation with mini golf ...

    Parc Michel has something for everyone. There are lots of rides especially for children, but adults don't miss out on roller coasters, freefall and

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    AnimaParc® Occitanie has an eventful past. Before its opening, the predecessor of AnimaParc was first a small educational farm in Belvèze called "La Fermeraie du Jougla" since 27.3.2005. With about 15 hectares, the majority of the area was an animal

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    Antibes Land

    In the south of France, in Antibes on the Côte d'Azur, a Lunapark awaits you, which has been around since 1981. There are a variety of attractions, including 3 roller coasters. At the Lunapark's it is basically so that these open only in the evening and

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    In the woods between Enschede and Hengelo, near the German border, you will find the small amusement park Attractiepark de Waarbeek since 1924. The park's offer is mainly aimed at families with children aged 2 - 12; the special feature is the

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    Aussie World

    About 20 kilometres south of the Sunshine Coast and about 85 kilometres north of Brisbane in Queensland, the theme park Aussie World has been located about 6 kilometres from the Pacific coast since 1989. This privately run medium-sized park offers its

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    Avonturenpark Hellendoorn is a smaller amusement park for the whole family.

    It offers about 30 attractions for young and old. Experience a splash of water fun together in the white-water ride, or in Sungai Kalimantan (rafting)?

    Or ride at breakneck speed

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    Bakken is the oldest existing theme park in the world, offering a mix of modern and historical attractions. One of the unusual attractions is a spinning coaster from Intamin, which is very intense. In contrast, there is the classic wooden roller coaster

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    In the small Hungarian town of Balatonlelle in the administrative district of south-west Hungary, on the shallow shores of Lake Balaton, you will find the Vidámpark amusement park, which has been open in the summer months and in the evening hours since