Japan (JP)

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    Fuji-Q Highlands

    Fuji-Q Highlands Park is owned by a railway company and is located at the foot of Mount Fuji. The park has its own train station, is open all year round and offers several roller coasters. Including a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter with a 121 ° gradient.

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    Nagashima Spa Land

    The amusement park opened as early as 1966 and has been expanded more and more over the years. In the meantime, it has set several records, including the longest roller coaster in the world, "Steel Dragon 2000" with a length of 2479 meters. There are

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    Universal Studios Japan opened March 31, 2001, and includes attractions like those at Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood. Here, too, a studio tour is offered that takes visitors through actual movie sets.