Brazil (BR)

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    Beto Carrero World

    In 1991 this biggest amusement park in Latin America was opened. With over 100 attractions and 4 roller coasters it offers many themed attractions. With 7 themed areas in which a zoo is also integrated, you can spend a lot of time. Furthermore the park

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    Hopi Hari

    30 kilometres south of Campinas and 70 north of the Brazilian capital São Paulo lies the largest amusement park in Latin America: Hopi Hari. At 76ha, it is twice the size of the Vatican and opened for the first time in 1999. Hopi Hari was conceived as a

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    Created from an cooperation of the Italien Mirabilandia Park and the Group Peixoto this park is the only fixed mark in the north east of Brazil. With 35 Attractions with 2 roller coasters is the park not the biggest one. Together with three moving parks

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    A perfect destination for the whole family. Not even 30 minutes outside of Sao Paulo is one of the largest water parks in Brazil. A beautiful natural lake with native trees invites you to spend a wonderful day here.

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