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    Families with children up to 12 years of age will love the small amusement park on the German-Dutch border!

    Several attractions like a train ride, a family roller coaster, boat ride and much more offer plenty of variety.

    The main restaurant also takes care

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    In 1971 the Apenheul Zoo opened on an area of 11 hectares in Apeldoorn. Contrary to the usual variety of animals in other institutions, Apenheul has specialized in keeping primates. There are over 60 different types of monkeys in the park. A special

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    AquaZoo Leeuwarden

    If you've ever wanted to stand face to face with a penguin, then you've come to the right place at AquaZoo Leeuwarden. Opened in 2003, the zoo offers you a variety of animals that live in, on or near the water. You will experience birds, reptiles and

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    The ARTIS zoo opened in Amsterdam in 1838 on an area of 14 hectares. It is home to almost 800 animal species and presents animals in an aquarium and an insectarium, among other things. A special feature is the "Micropia" exhibition, in which the world of

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    In the woods between Enschede and Hengelo, near the German border, you will find the small amusement park Attractiepark de Waarbeek since 1924. The park's offer is mainly aimed at families with children aged 2 - 12; the special feature is the

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    Avifauna Vogelpark is a zoo specializing in birds in Alphen am Rhein between The Hague and Amsterdam. In 1950 the zoo was opened as the first bird park in the world and presents penguins, kiwis and rainbow lorises on 15 hectares.

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    Avonturenpark Hellendoorn is a smaller amusement park for the whole family.

    It offers about 30 attractions for young and old. Experience a splash of water fun together in the white-water ride, or in Sungai Kalimantan (rafting)?

    Or ride at breakneck speed

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    Beekse Bergen

    The largest zoo in terms of area in BENELUX opened in 1968 in Hilvarenbeek, south of Tilburg. Over 100 animal species are kept in natural habitats on 120 hectares. In Beekse Bergen you can also see otherwise dangerous animals such as lions or cheetahs up

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    The cheapest funfair in the Netherlands?

    The funfair should be accessible to everyone, even those on a budget. The ride price for children's attractions is €1.50. For the big attractions, the ride price varies between €2.00 and €3.50.

    The prices in the

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    In the Dutch province of Limburg, 15 km from Roermond and not far from the German border, you will find the second park of the BillyBird Group, the play and adventure park BillyBird Park Drakenrijk, in the small town of Reuver. In addition to an AquaFun

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    In Volkel - Noord-Brabant - halfway between Eindhoven and Nijmwegen, BillyBird Hemelrijk has been located on an area of 55 hectares since 1986. Originally opened as a lido - the park is situated around a lake - BillyBird Hemelrijk has developed over the

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    Burgers` Zoo

    Burgers` Zoo opened in 1913 on a total area of 45 hectares, with around 18 hectares available for the actual zoo. Originally around 35km away, the zoo was reopened at its current location 10 years later. In 1968 the safari area opened for the first time

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    In the Netherlands, right by the sea, the park is located between Rotterdam and Antwerp. There is a mixture of different attractions, aquariums and informative knowledge. In the summer months there are also a few small water slides.

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    DierenPark Amersfoort is located northeast of Utrecht in the Netherlands in the medium-sized Dutch city of Amersfoort. Since 1948, the zoo has been home to a large number of exotic animal species on 20 hectares. Divided into the areas De Savanne / Die

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    In 2004 the Dierenrijk Zoo in Mierlo near Eindhoven opened its doors for the first time. Today around 100 animal species are presented on 16 hectares. Originally designed as a children's zoo, the concept has been adapted in recent years and sees itself

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    Diergaarde Blijdorp

    The Blijdorp Zoo is officially called the Royal Rotterdam Zoo and was opened in 1857, making it one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands. Situated in the centre of Rotterdam, it borders on a festival site and is divided by a railway line into an eastern

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    Dinoland Zwolle

    The dinoland in Zwolle gives the family knowledge about 50 species of dinosaurs.

    The entrance fee includes many activities such as laser game, high ropes course, mini golf, treasure hunt and much more.

    In addition to the many interactive stations, the

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    The park near Eindhoven offers a small but fine selection of attractions.

    Highlights are the family roller coasters "Dolle Pier" and "Tyfoon". In bad weather, the indoor hall "Binnenhaven" with several children's attractions provides variety for the