Italy (IT)

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    In the Italian municipality of Sestola in the province of Modena, about 48 km south-southwest of Modena and about 85 km southwest of Bologna, you will find the alpine adventure world Adventure Park Cimone. In addition to the 1,700-metre-long 4-person

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    Alpe Campo Rimasco

    In Italy, near Lake Maggiore, the steepest and most exciting mountain coaster in Europe awaits you. But you have to take the lift to the top first. There is also a restaurant. Since it is not a classic alpine coaster, but a ride with a track, it can be

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    Alpyland Mottarone

    In the Piedmont region in north-western Italy, between Omegna and Stresa, is the 1491-metre Monte Mottarone, at the top of which you will find the Alpyland Mottarone, opened in 2010, with its 1200-metre-long Alpine Coaster, open all year round. With a

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    Aquafan is one of the most famous and popular water parks in Italy. A huge selection of the most diverse slides will not let you get bored. A large wave pool and a lazy river let even the more leisurely souls enjoy the day.

    As usual in Italy, there is

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    AquaSplash is a water park near Lignano with many different slides.

    Here are great opportunities to finally test a "jump slide", where you fly up to one meter through the air.

    Of course, there are also more comfortable slides and enough sunbathing areas

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    Caneva Aquapark

    Caneva Aquapark is located at the southwestern end of Lake Garda.

    The Caneva offers a huge selection of water attractions to the nearby Movieland Park.

    The park is very nicely laid out and there are also quite fast and violent water attractions in the cozy

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    Caribe Bay

    Caribe Bay is divided into 7 themed areas, including the only wave pool with real sand in the world!

    Among the numerous attractions is also the highest water slide and the highest bungee diving tower in Europe.

    The whole thing is framed by beautiful palm

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    Cavallino Matto

    Cavallino Matto - The park with the crazy horse as a mascot.

    The park offers a mix of family entertainment and an adrenaline rush. The park offers one of two Europe-wide stand-up coasters called "Freestyle", where the whole ride is done standing.

    A must

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    Cinecittà World

    A young park that is right next to the famous film studios. Since July 24, 2014, you can stroll through the history of the famous Italo Westerns and let yourself be transported into the world of film in great attractions.

    The park offers a lot of

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    The Cowboyland is a western park in Italy.

    Smaller children in particular can enjoy the various western activities.

    There is also a small zoo here in the park, which is sure to delight the little visitors.

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    Edenlandia is an amusement park in the Fuorigrotta district of Naples, Italy. The park has a moving history as construction began in 1937 and was not completed due to the war. The park first opened its doors in June 1965. In the low phase of history, the

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    Etnaland Aquapark

    The most diverse slides pass the time in Sicily's largest water park.

    16 different types of slides, a blue lagoon, the hydro pool and the wave pool provide enough cooling.

    Of course, like everywhere else in Italy, there is a separate area for the kids to

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    Etnaland Themepark

    Only reopened in 2013, the Etnaland Aquapark was expanded to include the Etnaland Themepark and is one of the largest parks in Sicily.

    With its opening times in summer from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., it offers incomparable experiences.

    There are attractions

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    EuroPark Milano - Idroscalo is an amusement park near Milan.

    It offers many different rides that are more reminiscent of a fairground than a theme park.

    There is also a bowling hall, a laser game and various restaurants are available to visitors.

    It is best

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    A beautiful amusement park near the beach with a large lake and many beautiful attractions.

    Adrenaline junkies won't find anything here, but the park offers quite interesting coasters - embedded in the beautiful natural landscape.

    So if you are on holiday

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    In the middle of the vacation area, on the southern shores of Lake Garda lies the Gardaland.

    The Garda Resort includes the park, a hotel and a SEA Life.

    The amusement park is the largest amusement park in Italy and offers an enormous selection of rides.


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    Gomma Park

    In southern Italy by the sea in Bari, the small leisure park Gomma Park awaits you. There are several green parks in the immediate vicinity. With a recommended stay of 2-3 hours, the park offers its target group - smaller children - a little pastime with

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    Italia in Miniatura

    In Rimini (in the Emilia-Romagna region), about 35 kilometres south of the Mirabilandia theme park, you can experience a colourful mix of miniature park and theme park. You can admire many models of famous Italian sights, the Leaning Tower of Pisa,

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    Le Vele Acquapark

    Le Vele Acquapark is a beautiful water park for young and old. There are slides for both thrill seekers and the little ones. Different pools also invite you to relax. A good mix that never gets bored.

    The Lazy River is particularly beautiful with its lush

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    Leolandia is a park for children of all ages. However, there is also a tendency towards larger roller coasters.

    Gold River, Twister Mountain, Electro Spin or Donna Cannone - the freefall tower - invite you to have fun.

    Also visit the aquarium, various