Norway (NO)

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    Bø Sommarland

    A water park in the far north that has a 26m high water slide.

    In this slide you can experience a 9 meter free fall! But you can also have fun in the Sentrifuga, the halfpipe or the Flow Rider.

    For families there are also more moderate slides, mini golf,

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    Attention here in the park the trolls are loose!

    This amusement park offers children and families many attractions that make the day fly by.

    Whether it's the rafting course, outdoor pool, troll exhibition, fairy tale castle or the climbing park, everything

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    Kongeparken is the largest amusement park in south-west Norway.

    It offers a lot of variety for both children and larger family members.

    The theme in this park is agriculture at home.

    Tractors and combine harvesters have been converted into play equipment.


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    SkiStar Trysil

    About 200 km from Oslo there is an Alpine adventure world with a mountain coaster from Sunkid. You can also climb and slide down the tubing slide with a tire and much more. In winter you can also ski here.

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    is located south of Oslo and offers a number of attractions for roller coaster and amusement park fans. Whether wooden roller coaster, launch coaster, looping track or the 75 km / h fast Super Splash. A highlight is the dark ride "Thors Hammer",