Finland (FI)

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    Home of Santa

    The 2023 Advent calendar is in the starting blocks. Great prizes with a total value of over 4,000 euros await you again. Including over 100 tickets for theme parks, swimming pools and adventure worlds.

    It all starts on December 1st. A new door every day -

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    The amusement park from Helsinki advertises with over 40 rides and 13 restaurants and really has a lot to offer!

    Freefall Tower, Flatrides, a Ferris wheel, various children's attractions and 8 roller coasters make for an unforgettable day.

    Especially the

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    The park already has its motto in the name: PowerPark in Finland. Rightly so!

    A park with lots of attractions and some nice roller coasters.

    But there are also enough attractions for small children, which can easily provide a day of relaxation.

    In Finland

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    There are water parks in Finland too!

    Unfortunately only open for 2 months in summer, but then like any other water park with several slides and fun for the whole family.

    The park also offers many other activities, such as boating and karting.

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    Santa Park

    Probably the most northern amusement park in the world.

    Mainly aimed at children, because here everything revolves around Christmas.

    Meet Santa Claus and his helpers, help them make presents, bake cookies and let the magic of Christmas cast its spell

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    Whether Freefall Tower, MotoGee (a motorcycle roller coaster), rafting or tornado.

    Many different rides make the day go by in a flash.

    You can also fly in the Flying Coaster "Trimbo" from Zamperla.

    The Angry Birds Land can also be explored. Unfortunately,

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    SEA LIFE Helsinki

    SEA LIFE Helsinki is right next to Linnanmäki Amusement Park. It is one of several aquariums run by the Merlin Group, which also owns the Legoland parks, Madame Tussauds, Gardaland or Heide-Park. Each of the aquariums is designed in the style of a

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    Resort Serena is located about 25km north of Helsinki, the Finnish capital. In the resort you will find cottages and ski slopes and a snow park. However, this park is about its associated water park. As part of the Aspro Group, which operates numerous

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    Visulahti is a themed water park with associated flat rides. It was opened in Mikkeli in 1980 and is beautifully located by Lake Saimaa. The campsite is open all year round, while Visulahti is open only in the summer months.