Canada (CA)

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    Canada's Wonderland

    With around 200 attractions and around 50 rides, Canada's Wonderland offers huge amusement park fun on 120 hectares. A total of 17 roller coasters are available to visitors.

    As a special feature, the park has two hyper coasters from the manufacturer

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    La Ronde

    La Ronde is one of a few parks from the Six Flags Group, which is branded with a different name. Located in Montreal the park is the second biggest park in Canada. The park opened during the world fair in 1967. Originally owned by the city of Montreal

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    In the Canadian province of Ontario, in the city of Niagara Falls, you will find Marineland of Canada, a marine theme park that opened in 1961. Originally opened as the Niagara Game Farm, the small zoo grew over the decades into a theme park with 16