Mexico (MX)

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    In Mexico's capital, Mexico City, or rather in the district of Iztapalapa, you will find the amusement park ¡Kataplum! which opened in November 2018. The special feature of this amusement park is certainly its location, because you will find ¡Kataplum!

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    Around 150 kilometres south of Mexico City, in the small town of Tlaquiltenango, is the water park El Rollo Parque Acuático. In 1954, the park's founder, Dr. Ignacio Rodríguez Saucedo, discovered the site, which was home to a famous tower that local

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    The first Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park outside the U.S. can be found here near Mexico City. The park originally dates back to 1940. Started as a competition pool, the park developed very well until it had to close in 2011. So it lay dormant for

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    Six Flags Mexico

    This Six Flags Park in Mexico is the most popular theme park in Latin America. Opened in 1982 as "Reino Aventura" (Adventure Kingdom), it has seen many highs and lows. In 1992 it was closed because no novelties were presented and the interest of visitors

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    Mexico City is home to the most important zoo in Mexico, the Zoológico de Chapultepe. The foundation stone of the zoo was laid on 6 July 1923 by the famous Mexican biologist Alfonso Luis Herrera, which is why the zoo has a history of over 100 years. In